Bosu Balance Trainer

BOSU stands for ‘Both Sides Utilized’, which means that you can use the dome as well as the flat side of the BOSU Balance Trainer. The BOSU Balance Trainer is the perfect workout product to add balance to any existing type of exercise. Balance is the start of every movement and helps us move with purpose and control. With the motto “making every workout better”, the BOSU Balance Trainer provides more stability and challenges to the body during every workout. Especially the core fulfils an important and active role in this. The core is the most important link between the upper and the lower body and it makes sure that the movement patterns and abilities that we need for sports, work and daily activities are enhanced.

The BOSU Balance Trainer is challenging, accessible, efficient and suited to all. Your customers and you will achieve results quickly:
– Stronger core, abdominal and back muscles.
– A greater awareness of the body, better achievements in sports.
– A better posture.



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