BOSU Ballast ball , Lift it. Shift it. Shake it

The regular stability ball is one of the most versatile training products
ever developed. The dynamics of the ball offer a plethora of training
options for power, coordination, stabilisation and mobilisation on any level of fitness. Nevertheless, BOSU succeeded to lift training with a stability ball to a higher level, thanks to the arrival of the BOSU Ballast Ball:
“Lift it. Shift it. Shake it”.

The BOSU Ballast™ Ball is a transparent training ball with a diameter of 55-65 cm and is made of high-quality, burst-proof material. The Ballast Ball contains plastic beads for a total weight of circa 3 kg. These plastic beads make up the ballast and ensure that:
– The BOSU Ballast Ball is kept in its place without infringing on balance, which allows for more versatile and intensive workouts on and around the ball.
– A dynamic resistance is created during movements with the BOSU Ballast Ball which provides extra challenges for the body with respect to stability and coordination.

The BOSU Ballast Ball is a great asset for your fitness space or as a personal training tool. It’s the perfect stability ball with added value!



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