Trigger Point Performance Therapy

Trigger Point Performance Therapy is a revolutionary self-massage therapy and is characterized by massage on and around physical trigger points. Trigger points are sensitive pressure points in skeletal muscles and often lie at the origin of muscle and joint problems. By means of specific Trigger Point Tools, trigger points and muscle stiffening are treated and tissue quality can be optimized.
Myofacial Compression Techniques (MCT) are defined as the build-up of pressure on a muscle with a Trigger Point tool. This pressure on the muscle tissue creates a tension-lowering reaction in the muscle spindle, which allows to deal with the trigger points (pressure points), scar tissue and stiffening. This process stimulates proprioception, enhances muscle relaxation, discharges waste products and provides tissues with oxygen. MCT changes the viscosity inside the muscle, which allows for fluid movements.
Trigger Point Performance Therapy decreases pain during movements, enhances injury prevention and ameliorates physical performance.

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