The new WeckMethod BOSU Elite

Differences Between the BOSU Elite and BOSU original.
Both products provide similar training benefits for integrating the body to move better. The differences appear subtle, but are actually quite distinct in terms of the specific feedback and training stimuli each product provides. One is not “better” than the other. They each provide a distinct emphasis for different aspects of athletic enhancement training.
The key difference between the original BOSU ball and the WeckMethod BOSU Elite is the composition of the dome material. The dome of the original BOSU ball is more pliable and provides a greater degree of instability, which is ideal for certain applications. The dome of the BOSU Elite is more firm and stable, which makes it better suited for specialized applications based upon WeckMethod training.

The WeckMethod BOSU Elite:
– Provides more stability and support for high impact movements and weighted exercises.
– Specialized athletic programming specific to the new design and firmer dome.
– Optimizes total body alignment for better movement mechanics.
– Promotes pelvic balance to harness efficiency and power of the hips.
– Enhances the athletic power position and movement.
– Primes the body for greater strength and power.
– “Spring loads” the feet and legs for increased speed and jumps.
– Accommodates heavier athletes.
– Ultra durable (weight rated at 2000 lbs vs. 350 lbs for the original).

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